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This has been a very special weekend and I’m sure many of you don’t want it to end.  But today the weekend will end and all of us will return to where we came from before we walked through those doors.  I wish I could tell you that the joy will automatically continue with you when you return to your world, but I can’t.

What I can tell you that is that what you have experienced this weekend is just another part of a journey that began long before you were born.  That’s right, before you were born.

In Jeremiah 1:5 God says:

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.  Before you were born, I set you apart.

So, it was and is God’s intention to grace you, or sanctify you to be the man you were created to be.  To be set aside for God’s work.  And because God is doing a new thing in your life, He has prepared you and will continue to prepare you for this life’s journey to make a difference in the life of the community you are returning back into.

Jesus talks about this very thing.  Let me share a story with you.

One day Jesus took Peter, James, and John his brother, led them up on a high mountain to be by themselves; and then something amazing happened, Jesus was transfigured or changed before them.  Now I’m not talking about a small change, but a change where Our Lord’s face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the brightest light you can imagine.  And if that wasn’t enough, the three disciples saw before them Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus.  Peter being Peter says to Jesus, “Lord, it is good for us to be here; if You wish, let us make three shelters, one for You, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.”  And while he was still speaking, mid-sentence a bright cloud surrounded them and suddenly a voice came out of the cloud saying, “This is my Beloved Son, In whom I am well pleased.  Listen to Him!’  Well that sealed the deal for them.  They wanted to stay on top of that Mountain, but Jesus told them they had to go back down the Mountain to face the world.

If you have ever heard that story before please raise your hands.  Have you ever wondered why Jesus chose only Peter, James and John to go up with Him to the top of the Mountain?  Well, the answer is simple – they were set aside by grace for this great moment and for greater moments to come.

As the disciples were called to go down the mountain we too must go into the valley where the mud and muck are.  Farmers will tell you that where mud and muck are, there is the most fertile place for growth – your and my growth.  Growth for what?  To do what God created us for.  To be made ready for valley duty.

When you leave here, you will meet other people who are experiencing their own struggles with little or no guidance.  This is where you come in.  Armed with God’s wisdom and grace, you become an example of God’s mercy and grace to others.

So how does one experience the fullness of God’s grace after you leave this place of joy and never-ending cookies to return to the compound? Here are some tips I believe will help.

First of all it’s important to know that more than anything else, Jesus wishes to have a relationship with you.   And in order for you to have a relationship or friendship with Him three factors need to be in place.   SPIRITUALITY, DISCOVERY THROUGH STUDY, and CHRISTIAN ACTION

Think about a three-legged stool.  If we name each of these legs, Spirituality, Study, and Christian action, it reminds us that if we are going to have a life in Christ each one of these legs are important and needs to be firmly in place to withstand what life throws at us. Take away one leg, what happens?  You’ll hit the deck fast, I guarantee it!


Spirituality is about our personal journey to become Christ-like.  We will never become perfect as Christ is, but we can become holy in our daily walk.

For it is written, be holy because I am holy.  1 Peter 1:16

I feel it’s important for you to understand that you found favor with God, better said, you were graced by God.

You see God takes the initiative in all things.  He gave you the seed of grace before you born because He loves you.  We only have the capability to love because He loved us first! 1 John 4:19

God doesn’t play games with us.  You might have understood love as having strings attached and you may have a poor concept of what true love is because your love was broken by lies, but true love is sacrificial. If it’s true it gives without any conditions.

Here’s the full measure of God’s love – God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son for us.  That everyone who believes in Him will not die, but have everlasting life.  John 3:16

But wait a minute, you might be thinking.  I’ve done some pretty terrible things in my life; how could God love me and forgive me for what I have become? 

We always concentrate on John 3:16, but rarely do we get to the next verse which is just as important as the first in understanding the extent of God’s love for you.

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. John 3:17

Remember, you are the highly favored of God.  If this wasn’t true then He would not have undone your sins by giving His Son up on the Cross for us.  He paid the price so you wouldn’t have to.

If you want to experience the full measure of your SPIRITUAL growth in Christ here are some things that are working for me and I want to share them with you:

  1. Pray Daily
  2. Read a daily devotion to God
  3. When you pray do so with a spirit of self-examination
  4. Be in community with other Christians
  5. Spend quiet time to listen to the Holy Spirit speak to your heart
  6. Stay diligent in your faith
  7. Go to chapel services and worship
  8. If you don’t have a bible, then ask the chaplain for one.  And when you have your bible, READ it!

Like any garden, you have to attend to it daily if you hope to have a good harvest.  When you pray, have a conversation with God as if He is your friend, your brother.  Remember, if love is not given and received daily it will fade away.  If a child is not picked up and nurtured, he or she will suffer a failure to thrive.


Study is the gateway to understanding

Think about discovery this way, if you look at a drop of water, you are going to see a clear liquid, but if you looked at the same drop of water with a microscope, you’ll discover there is a world there that you wouldn’t have otherwise imagined.

The same thing is true with reading God’s word.  Every time you read His word, you’ll discover something new about yourself and the world around you.  The Holy Spirit never rests in teaching you.


Look around you and what do you see? Pure, unselfish, sacrificial Agape love.  Every man in this Holy Place is here because they wanted to be here.  These men could have been with their family, their work, any place but at the Price-Daniel Unit.  And would you believe these men paid to be here.

You don’t act in love because you are a nice person.  Even a non-Christian can do that.  You act in love because Jesus acted in your heart first through His Holy Spirit.

God wants us to care for each other.  We are human beings and we need to receive love and give love.  To forgive and to be forgiven.

We are called to be out there to share what we have in Christ.  How could we not?  The truth be told, If I didn’t come down from my mountaintop experience to walk in God’s grace in the valley I wouldn’t be with you today because I probably would have died.

Years ago when I was in the Air Force I experienced trauma not only to my body, but also to my soul and nearly lost everything I held dear to my heart: my wife, children, a stellar career and last but not least, my sanity.  There are some wounds that are visible to the eye, but there are others that are not.  Wounds of the soul that cannot be seen but are violently punishing so much so that in my case I couldn’t see much use in living any longer.  The fear and physical pain that wrecked my body was so complete that I slipped into the fog of alcohol and pill addiction to numb it all.  Just when I had given up and believed my life was over, I was rescued in ways I can only describe as miraculous.  It was just in time, God’s time, that I began my sobriety.   It was a long and painful struggle to climb out of the valley, but in 2012 I earned my graduate degree in marriage and family therapy and became a licensed chemical dependency counselor.  I truly wanted to understand what happened to me and felt that going back to school would help provide the answers.  Not only that, I had a strong calling to help people through their valley moments.

Now, I shared my story with you because I know deeply what it means to feel like you’re on top of the world and how good it is to stay right there and not return to a place you may not want to be.  But if I didn’t go down into the valley, I wouldn’t have lived out the life that God set me apart to live, right here, right now with you.

So how are you going to thrive in Christ after this weekend has concluded?

Let me just share with you one last story:

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a prisoner in a Soviet prison in Siberia. He became so weak and discouraged that he wished he would die. The guards would beat and usually kill anyone that stopped working. He decided to stop working so that the guards would kill him. As soon as he did so, another Christian drew a cross where Alexander could see it.

Alexander said that he was encouraged by remembering that God gives hope and courage. He decided to continue working because of a Christian who cared too much to let him give up.

Paul in his letter to the Romans in Chapter 8:38 says,

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


That’s not my truth, that’s not your truth, that’s not Catholic or Anglican truth, not Methodist truth, not Baptist truth.  What it is is divine truth.  And if it’s divine truth, it’s God’s truth.  And if it is God’s truth, then it is The Truth.  Amen?


With all the blogs out there on innovating parenting ideas, why did I come up with this blog?  The answer is simple.  I made some real mistakes raising my two girls when I was a single dad serving in the United States Air Force during wartime.  I knew neither how to parent nor how to respond to my children acting out their fears and anxiety.  So later in my life – I should say much later in my life, with my girls grown and living their lives as productive, healthy adults – I decided to find out what happened during my very difficult parenting experience.

I earned my graduate degree which provided me with the knowledge to be a Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor.  But with all that education, I still was lacking in how to take this knowledge and help parents work with children who experienced trauma in their lives.  There was one very important piece of the puzzle that was still missing.   I found it through the Texas Christian University Institute of Child Development.  More specifically, I was captivated by the joint work of Drs. Karyn Purvis and David Cross, authors of The Connected Child.  I was so captivated by the outcome of their many years of work on Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) that with training in its methodologies I eventually became a TBRI Practitioner.

As an independent contractor, I am now using TBRI principles not only to help parents of children that have experienced trauma, but with parolees from our state penal system.  People, IT WORKS! This is why I decided to start this blog – to provide you with tips and more importantly, with the real hope that our families can discover, perhaps for the first time, there is a way to help our children with their behavioral issues and to better understand as adults our own issues and how they came to be.  So let’s get started!

By: Samantha Batten Crumrine

Edited by: Arthur Mavrode

Eagle Pass, Texas July 6, 2019

Today I got to hold a three-month-old litle baby girl with the worst diaper rash I’ve ever seen. Her mama breastfed her and then brought her over to me to love on. The baby girl smiled and cooed and I knew she enjoyed connecting with me. Her mama asked if she could take a picture of the baby smiling at me along with her older children. When it was time for her van to leave Mama and all the kids gave me hugs. My heart was just about to burst!

This young woman was traveling with her toddler who was sleeping at the moment. She is from El Salvador and is traveling to Florida. I asked her if she needed anything and she said she didn’t have formula for her baby. She also told me she didn’t have anymore money to buy more. I asked her to wait one moment and I returned with bottles of formula for the baby. She hugged me over and over again. When it was time for her bus to leave she came and found me and asked if she could take a photo with me on her phone. I asked her to snap one with my phone too. We blessed each other and shared hugs and kisses before she left for San Antonio.

Cesar is a twelve-year-old boy from Honduras. Cesar drew pictures of airplanes leaving under an angry sun with tombstones (muertas) behind the plane. On the back, he drew pictures of a bed and a person on fire while another person pointing a gun at them. Skulls and cross bones are at the bottom under a thunder cloud with lightning.

I asked Cesar if this was his story and he shook his head yes and said “muy malo” or very bad as he crumpled the paper up into a ball. I told him his story is important and that I was honored to see it. I asked if I could take his story with me and he smiled and repeated the word “malo” over and over again. I insisted that his story was “importante.” When it was my time to leave he gave me the crumpled up ball of paper, a high five, and an “Adios.”

Cesar also drew an airplane with his name and “hola, muy malo.”

His friend, Jose, is also from Honduras and was of the same age as Cesar. Jose drew pictures of airplanes and peaceful landscapes around them. He didnt offer to give me his pictures but he talked about them and showed them to me.

Luis is ten and is from Guatemala. He drew a picture of a river and a bridge with Guatemala on one side and the U.S. on the other.

Jose also drew houses along a road.

One of the baby girls drew this picture with water, hearts, and sunshine.

A little boy, probably four-years-old with black skin drew this picture with my husband Douglas. He didn’t speak Spanish.

A little girl drew this one. There is a kitty cat at the bottom right-hand corner. She was given a stuffed cat toy.

Andrea drew this picture and gave it to me. Andrea is nine and from Honduras. I asked her about her story. She told me this was her and her family traveling to the U.S.

Andrea also drew this picture and gave it to me. She said that’s her with the umbrella and me. We are in the “lluvia” (rain).

Andrea’s baby sister drew this one and gave it to me. It reminds me of Jesus, God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit.

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I have been trying to wrap my mind around the idea of growing older and I’ll admit that I have had some difficulty doing so. I am 65 years old and because of the advances of medicine this age doesn’t quite have the same meaning as it once had. Now it is not unusual to hear stories of people who are active into their seventies, eighties, nineties, and even past the century mark. But there are things happening to me that remind me that I am growing older as the days pass. I think my biggest concern has been, what will I do now that I am at this stage of my life? And the accompanying question I have asked in the form of a prayer is, “what would you have me do now Lord?” But God has subtle ways of answering prayer that more times than none are far from what I would anticipate when He answers prayer . Over the past months I have applied for work. I believed my interviews were successful, but all ended with me being turned down. Yes, it bothered me because my first thought was that I was turned down because of my age. But my God is a surprising God and opportunities have been given to me that I would have never expected. Opportunities that have truly given me the chance to use my God-given gifts in fulfilling and exciting ways. So, if you will indulge me I would like to share with you may journey with you. Perhaps in the sharing we may grow together in our love for our Lord and for the many fulfilling experiences he provides us at this stage in life. So what do you think?

Next Monday morning, April 22, 2019, will be Diaper Monday at La Iglesia Metodista Unida Betel.  We will be collecting diapers of all sizes and diaper rash ointment to take to the border.  Pastor Paul Milsaaps of Greater Mt. Olive Baptist Church, in Del Río, Texas identified a great need for these items since so many young immigrant families who have small children.  If you would like to donate diapers and/or diaper rash cream, then please bring your donations next Monday morning to La Iglesia Metodista Unida Betel, located at 115 W. Ave. O, San Angelo,Texas.  They will be blessed and taken to the border the following week. Thank you and Bless You!


Next Monday morning, April 22, 2019, will be Diaper Monday at La Iglesia Metodista Unida Betel.  We will be collecting diapers of all sizes and diaper rash ointment to take to the border.  Pastor Paul Milsaaps of Greater Mt. Olive Baptist Church, in Del Río, Texas identified a great need for these items since so many young immigrant families who have small children are in need. If you would like to donate diapers and/or diaper rash cream, then please bring your donations next Monday morning to La Iglesia Metodista Unida Betel, located at 115 W. Ave. O, San Angelo,Texas.  They will be blessed and taken to the border the following week. Thank you and Bless You!



They are from a Central American country and had traveled a long way to arrive at our Southern border. I asked the father, Juan, why he risked the dangers of traveling in a caravan surrounded by thousands of strangers. His response was that he had no choice. “They came into our village and they wanted to take me. They already murdered my two brothers and massacred many in our village. So, I took my wife, son, nephew and my two sisters and left to join the caravan.” I asked him how he knew about the caravan, Juan told me that buses were going through the villages announcing through loud speakers that the caravan was about to leave. “I knew there was no other choice because if we stayed we would all be killed.” He went on to say, “We started on the caravan and walked many miles, but then we found out there were buses who would take us to the border for a fee. I took the opportunity because there were many a bad people traveling on the caravan and I didn’t want to take a chance.” So they traveled for days until they reached the border.

Juan’s story is like so many others who are escaping the violence and corruption of their native lands. They crossed the border and declared their need for asylum, and they were detained in a Border Patrol detention facility. After clearing the legal hurdles his family was vetted through a background check to ensure there was no criminal record, and cleared medically. Like many of these refugees, Juan and his family had family sponsors who live in the United States. In Juan’s case his family lives in Florida. Prior to their release they are given documents by the Border Patrol which legally allows them to travel. They are permitted to travel legally, but are prohibited from working in our country.

Juan pleaded with me to help find his nephew. He explained to me that his nephew was separated from them by border authorities at the port of entry in another border town many miles away from us. He worried he may have been taken by human traffickers. This is a common occurrence. Human traffickers will take children and place them with couples to help ensure the couples entry into the United States. Many times children are sold into the sex trade so Juan’s fears were well-founded.

Phone calls were made to help find his eight-year-old nephew. First reports were that the boy was taken by an unidentified individual, but after more investigation it was found that the boy was with his aunts, Juan’s sisters. A flood of relief washed over the young father’s face.

This is Juan’s story, but it is a story that belongs to many families who wait an uncertain future. Gratefully churches provide valuable aid to these families once they enter across the border. This aid is in the form of shelter, food, transportation. The United States Customs and Border Patrol are grateful for this assistance since their ranks are overwhelmed with the high number of immigrants who are now crossing our borders.

Yesterday I thought of how beautiful God’s creation is as I stood in wonder of the trees and flowers of Spring. Today I am in awe of how God brings His children together in worship and fellowship. These are the wonderful brothers and sisters who come to Iglesia Metodista Unida Betel to have an encounter with Christ.

I am reminded of what Holy Scripture tells us in Acts 2: 42-47

42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43 Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. 44 All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45 They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. 46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47 praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

This is what God’s people do: devote themselves to God’s word, prayer and the breaking of bread with glad and sincere hearts.

Each time I come to this sacred place I stand in awe of what God teaches me about love through these people. And who do they pray for? The poor and the suffering in our community and the communities all along our border.

I am deeply humbled and grateful.

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Over these many years I have come to learn how amazingly surprising God can be when dealing with His children.

I am the pastor of a small Hispanic congregation of the United Methodist Church.  As small as we are, we are blessed to be rich in ministry.  On the third Saturday of each month men of our community come together for a Menudo breakfast.  By the way, according to Wikipedia, Menudo, also known as pancita or mole de panza, is a traditional Mexican soup, made with cow’s stomach in broth with a red chili pepper base. It shares a name with a stew from the Philippines made with pork and pork liver. Hominy, lime, onions, and oregano are used to season the broth.    Now, if that doesn’t make you want to visit your local Mexican restaurant, I don’t know what does.  But on with my story…

I really wasn’t supposed to go to the breakfast this Saturday since I had a surgical procedure done on me the day before and wasn’t really feeling up to it, but I went anyway.  As it turned out, the guest speaker bailed out at the last minute and our church elder looked at me and well I became the guest speaker.  The first order of business was for me to pray because I had no idea what I was going to speak (preach) about.  Early that morning I got up as I usually try to do and went into God’s word.  I read a passage out of the First Epistle of Peter and the words spoke to me of how precious we truly are in God’s sight.  That even though we’ve been through and are going through trials now, because of the genuineness of our faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, we may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ.  1 Peter 1:7.

Considered precious, tested by fire, found to praise honor and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ…all of this and more seemed to be more than enough to speak about.  So the men came, gave thanks for their meal and had fellowship.  All the while I was prayerfully thinking about this scripture passage in the context of The Xena Project.  I shared these thoughts with the men, and as I did, the majority of them nodded their  heads in agreement and gave their amens to God’s voice clearly being projected to their hearts.  I didn’t fully realize until I was done that the majority of the men served in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  They were all brothers and God brought all of us together in the fullness of time.  But there was a young man there who was a Marine who was home doing hometown recruiter duty.  I’m sure the stories he heard from us old war dogs impressed him and we had a brief, but good visit afterwards.  I thought about how he was a reflection of our past and the hope for a better future.

Of course, God has done this kind of thing before.  During our Monday morning bread ministry when the poor of our community come to our church to receive food, I was giving the morning devotional and couldn’t help speaking about my own testimony and struggle with PTSD.  At the conclusion of my sermon, a woman stood up and with tears described how pained she was because her son returned home from war changed.  She didn’t know what to do except pray hard for His help in was certainly a desperate situation for her.  But it wasn’t just her, but another mother stood up with her and then another.  All shared in a bond of sorrow and pain and they all also shared in the hope that God would grant a mighty miracle to enter into their and their children’s lives.

I  learned long ago that when these wonderful blessings take place it’s just God doing His mighty works among His people, turning tears into joy, fear into boldness, weakness into strength.  And the most marvelous thing about it all, it has nothing to do with our timing but His – in the fullness of His time.  Amen?


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